Simon Capital Partners – SCP provides advisory services for portfolio tail risk mitigation. Our strategy dampens the effect of rapid market drawdowns, and injects portfolio liquidity in states of severe market volatility. Our risk mitigation structure is designed to function like an insurance policy – pay regular premiums that yield a large, one time capital injection.

SCP’s secondary focus funding small businesses and ventures. We invest in people, and offer the capital flexibility and advisory services to bring their businesses to fruition.

SoftLeap – SoftLeap is a sales and revenue generation consulting service for start ups. We design and help implement sales strategies that are proven to meaningfully increase revenue and pipeline generation. Secondarily, our strategies dramatically reduce average ramp time to full productivity for sales reps. Learn more at

Setter Van Co. – Setter Van Company is a reimagined camping and vacation experience. It caters to those with the desire (but not the experience) to get outdoors, and offers campers seasonally changing, fully planned, and entirely unique outdoor experiences.

This venture is a spin on the traditional and highly popularized “vacation rental.” I saw it as an opportunity to lower the entry cost, and increase the IRR and cash-on-cash return of an already extremely established investment vehicle.